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"Giving values to life."

Memberikan nilai bagi kehidupan.


"Providing affordable healthcare to as many people as possible with high quality medicines."

Memberikan sarana kesehatan yang terjangkau bagi sesama insan melalui obat-obatan yang berkualitas tinggi.

About Futamed
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PT. Futamed Pharmaceuticals was established in 2007 to take part in providing the society in Indonesia with medicine that can improve people's lives, maintaining health and curing sick-ness, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest. We, at Futamed, are dedicated to produce medicines that will help doctors and healthcare practitioners improve people's lives.

We have a mission to provide the communities in Indonesia with the tools and means to be healthy. With over 230 million people, Indonesia is the fourth largest population in the world. Consumption potential is huge, but in many parts of the country, access to adequate and affordable healthcare is limited. Due to this issue, thousands of people are dying each day in Indonesia of common treatable diseases. By producing affordable, high quality medicines, and ensuring widespread distribution, Futamed is helping the people of Indonesia to treat these diseases and live a healthy life.

As a growing, emerging company in the Indonesian pharmaceuticals industry, we realize the challenges to capture the opportunities are immense. To sustain our growth, we have put together a team consisting of highly qualified experts with many years of experience in the fields of Research & Development, Marketing and Sales. With the support of a highly capable team, believing in the same vision and mission, as well as a high tech manufacturing facility, Futamed is on its way to being a significant contributor to the healthcare industry in Indonesia, providing our consumers with the best quality healthcare at all times.

Our 7 Keys to Success
  • Effective Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Effective and Efficient Distribution Network
  • Excellence in Fulfilling the Promise
  • Assembly Technology
  • Loyalty and Dedication
  • Adherence to Stringent Values and Principles
  • Product Innovation
Production Facilities

"This facility, combined with highly trained human resources and management expertise, will be home to some of the leading products in the industry."

Futamed's production facility is built with features and technologies that meet strict GMP standards. We have GMP certifications for all tablets and capsules, non-penicillin antibiotics and non-antibiotics production.

Our production facility comprises of machineries for regular tablets, coated tablets, and hard capsules. The total annual capacity for tablets and capsules is 24 million pieces and 20 million pieces, respectively. High quality Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, water treatment systems, waste management system, and quality assurance equipments are amongst the supporting systems in our production facility. This facility, combined with highly trained human resources and management expertise, will be home to some of the leading products in the industry.